Extrasolar 2M1207b. Extrasolar planets

Extrasolar 2M1207b. Extrasolar planets

One of the youngest exoplanets, discovered in 2004, is 2M1207B. According to astronomers, it has very particular characteristics, especially for its temperature, its luminosity and its location.

It is believed that it was formed from a planetary crash, recreation that appears in the image. This unique formation can respond to many of the physical properties of this extrasolar planet. It orbits a brown dwarf star, which is more than 170 light years from Earth.

The planet 2M1207B has on its surface temperatures around 1,300 degrees Celsius. It is something normal on very young planets, like this one, whose size is eight times larger than Saturn. But, despite his youth, he formed eight million years ago, his temperature is 10 times lower than expected. This anomaly, according to the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center of Massachusetts, may be due to the planetary collision with which it originated.

It is not the first major collision that has taken place in the Universe. In fact, scientists do not consider it a strange phenomenon. In our Solar System some planetary crashes have taken place, such as the one that gave rise to the Earth's Moon.

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