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Hydrology is the part of the Natural Sciences that is responsible for the study of the quantity, distribution, behavior and influence of water on the earth's crust.

On the earth's surface (lithosphere) there are basically two different water environments: marine and inland waters.

Marine waters are accumulated in extensive depressions of the lithosphere and vary in level according to the water balance of geological times. This determines the eustatic level of the sea (sea water height at a given time in geological history).

According to their volumes and characteristics, extensions of marine waters are considered as oceans or seas, as appropriate.

On the other hand, inland waters are found on the continents. They can be classified as embalmed continental waters, such as lakes, lagoons, estuaries, swamps, bathed, ... and ordinary continental waters as with rivers, streams, torrents, streams, fillets, ...

As part of the inland waters, there are also all types of water that flows or is stored under the ground, groundwater.

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