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Arecibo message. Astronomy and thought

Arecibo message. Astronomy and thought

This image corresponds to the radio signal of the Arecibo message, which was transmitted on November 16, 1974 from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico to the globular cluster M 13. Bearing in mind that radio waves move at speed of the light and the M 13 is at a distance of 25,000 light years, we would not get a response for 50,000 years.

Arecibo's message is part of the SETI Project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, of which the popular disseminator and scientist Carl Sagan was part. It contains 1679 bits of information about the binary code, the atomic numbers of the basic chemical elements for life on Earth, genetic and DNA information, and about the Solar System, highlighting the Earth.

Since the 70s, radio astronomy opened the truck for the search for extraterrestrial life. The idea of ​​not being alone in the Universe fascinated the society of the time. This feeling marked an entire generation.

In 1993, the United States Congress cut funding for the SETI Project. Astronomers then created the SETI @ home, a program of free access via the Internet that harnesses the unused power of personal computers. Through it, millions of users worldwide are collaborating in the search for extraterrestrial life.

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